Family Occasions


You take family photos for a reason. You want to capture and remember those moments. Now here's a way to use them - and it's in a video gift with your still photos!


Some family templates are flexible enough for you to subtract or add 1, maybe 2, photos. Email what you have and we'll let you know if it will work or not. No extra charge.


1. Pay in the Store tab

2. Personalize in the Order Form tab

3. Email your photos to

Christmas Card Videos that you personalize

Have fun emailing the link to your Christmas card list

You get the link to your video on YouTube. If you want it password-protected, tell me what password to use when you fill out the Order Form.

Download the video file and post it yourself

Also, we'll send you the link to your video on our custom website of www.CreativePhotoSlideshows where you can use the download button - a tiny icon of a downward arrow pointing to a horizontal line.

Silver Jingle Bells video for 10 photos

You tell us the personalizations for the beginning and ending text in the Order Form. You can describe the order of your photos when you email them to

Gold Bow Christmas Video Card for 10 digital photos

We'll put 10 of your emailed digital photos into this elegant Gold Bow Christmas video. You choose the beginning and ending text. You get the YouTube link to it and the downloadable video file. Send to your Christmas card list! Share it on your social media. Share your great year-in-review!

Red Christmas Tree Video Card

For 10 digital photos for your "year in review" with Joy to the World instrumental music. Share the link or the video itself with your Christmas card list. You can personalize the beginning and ending text.

Snowy Snowman for 7 photos

Music is WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS instrumental. Have fun sharing 7 of your digital photos taken during the past year. A video newsletter! The Snowy Snowman theme is a light-hearted way to show your family and friends some highlights of your year. When you fill out the online Order Form, please enter your beginning and ending text. When you email the photos, you can describe any desired order of appearance of the photos in the show.


Children, teenagers, and maybe even adults will love seeing family and friend photos in this 3-minute video. You could also show it at the birthday party. The birthday person will enjoy re-watching it online anytime in the future, too!


This upbeat video theme for "A Year in the Life of..." is versatile for family and even other occasions. Memorable birthday gift, for example. Simply tell us YOUR preferred introductory and ending words and make it your own! 


New baby girl, a daughter who loves pink, family member or friend who loves pink? The All Pink with Sparkles theme will hold 20 (mostly tall-vertical) photos. Get them out of your phone and into the hearts of mom, grandma, aunts, cousins, other relatives, friends, and optional social media. Great birthday gift and souvenir!


Let us make you a new family keepsake video with photos of your baby boy or young child with 20 of your phone photos. Gift the video to grandma as a birthday gift! Or share on social media. Or find another reason for this all Baby Blue and Sparkles themed video template.