Videos Themes for Any Occasion

Themes for Any Occasion

Choose from this ever-growing collection of video styles to find a "look" to fit your photos. 

Watch these sample slide show videos with real photos in them to get an idea of the emotional effect.

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Memories Come Alive

Experience the amazing effect of your personal photos in this kind of motion video!

This makes for an incredible gift!


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Softly textured backdrop in a neutral cream color is ready for 30 of your digital photos to please the gift recipient. Use this slide show video template to show off vacation photos, the most recent photos of your dad or uncle or friend, rodeo photos, the life of your pet, and more.


The pastel colors and sparkles in this video are the perfect background for baby and children photos. Mom or Grandma would be amazed to watch this slide show video on Mother's Day or her birthday! Just an idea!


Beige Bokeh for 17 photos features floating white circles on a beige background and cheerful music. When you give this video, the viewer will easily enjoy your photos. Your intro and ending text will add to the slide show's meaning.


A colorful multi-butterfly theme for your 22 photos and their story. This video would be a welcome gift for your mother, sister, aunt, teacher, daughter, or grandmother. Announce the reason for the video by choosing your own intro  and ending words.


Let the soft motion of this Blue Butterflies video template show off your photos. The gift recipient will love watching this slide show over and over!


Classical look in this slide show video of "White Borders" around each of the 20 photos and a silver-gray draped background. 


Best for horizontal photos. You can include vertical photos if the subject can be cropped to horizontal (we do the cropping). Make a slide show video travelogue, birthday gift, or a fun souvenir of recent pet photos like this sample, or much more.


This Gray Metal themed video provides a polished, neutral backdrop for 20 photos. The slide show motion and transitions help tell the story your photos tell. There is a Blue Metal version in the Family tab.


The light rays add a special touch to enhance this slide show's memories. Each of your 50 photos in this theme  is presented with a classic white border around it. The video is long enough to be used for a celebration of life slideshow or the life of a married couple for an anniversary gift. Or for your choice of occasion.