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Made-to-order video slideshow montages from our themed templates!

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What We Do - so you can please your family and friends

We put YOUR digital photos in one of our templates to create a slideshow video with music and special effects.

We personalize the beginning and ending words to make the show your own. 

We upload it to YouTube (with optional privacy setting) and email the link for you to watch, give as a gift, share on social media, post on your website or blog, and watch on a YouTube-capable television.

READY in 1-3 days..

  • each video requires the specific # of photos
  • each video uses the music you hear in the sample video

What You Do

  1. You watch the sample videos and choose one as your template.
  2. You use the Store tab to make your purchase.
  3. You use the Order Form tab to give us all your info.
  4. You email your digital photos to
  5. You check your email in 1-3 days to find the YouTube link.
  6. You contact us if we need to correct a mistake - for free, of course!

Perfect for these Occasions...

Birthday, anniversary, funeral celebration of life, graduation, engagement announcement, lives of the bride and groom for wedding rehearsal dinner, new baby, year in the life of a baby or child or teenager or adult, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Quinceanera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, retirement, school year for teacher or students, scouts year, sports game or season,  vacation memories, the year in review, tribute, "just because" and more! 

TIPS if All Your Photos Aren't Digital...

Change your prints to a digital photo, preferably as a jpg (not bmp or pdf).

1st choice is to use a scanner at home, office, or a store.

2nd choice is to use a scanner app in your smartphone that allows you to straighten the edges so the people won't be distorted.

3rd choice is to use your camera phone WITHOUT the flash. Keep phone parallel to the print. Watch out for light glaring on the print or reflections and shadows of yourself, the room, or the camera. Diffused window light coming from the side works best. Take the picture and then crop to the photo itself. Repeat until it looks good!

Instead of a Do-it-yourself Video...

Benefit from our years of experience working with people's photos. Our Photoshop expertise will take care of many of your photo problems at no extra cost. And since 2006 we have been using our customers' own photos to create custom video slideshows. 

If You Want a More Custom Show

  1. If you like one of our video themes but want to use a different # of photos, music, color scheme, or font, please contact us for a quote.
  2. If you have prints we need to scan for you AND if you want your own choice of music AND if you can bring them to our office in Overland Park, KS, please consider our custom services available at

Ever-growing collection of themed templates!

Check our expanding collection of themed videos whenever you're ready for your next video gift!